'Probono legal consulting especially during Corona crisis'

With world in the midst of COVID -19 crisis , survival seems to be the only goal. Governments across the globe have gone into the ‘emergency mode’ by implementing lockdowns and placing drastic restrictions on movement and social interaction during this pandemic. Social distancing has become the norm of the day to stop the spread of corona virus and it seems world has come to a halt. Apart loss of life and disruption to normal life, economic impact of Covid 19 is going to be harsh and long with the fear of world economies slipping into recession

While saving lives and stopping the spread of this pandemic caused by Corona Virus is priority across the globe,it is equally important to provide goods and services to the people in need.

We, at Intygrat fulfill our duty toward society by providng legal advisory or support services pro bono (for free) to the needy always and especially during this Covid -19 crisis in our own small way…….

To provide advise & guidance, pro bono, in regard to any legal issue being faced by any person or business in India or overseas.

To help persons in need of legal support services for free, to the best possible extent.

To extend legal support to persons and businesses, domestic and international , in need during this crisis caused due to corona virus across.

To extend these services through mail or through telecom or through best possible ways & extent.

Reach Out for
Reach out to us for any matter of civil or criminal nature for pro bono consulting.

Any assistance or advise pertaining to matters before Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Dsit Courts in Delhi, NCLT, NCLAT, DRT, DRAT, RERA & RERA APPLT Tribunal (UP & Haryana).

Any legal guidance & litigation pertaining to labour & employment laws .

Any guidance and legal support in Consumer Protection including RERA.

Any matter pertaining to Corporate, Securities, Commercial & Contract, Foreign Exchange, Environment laws.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law etc.

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This service of Intygrat may not be construed as an attempt to advertise or solicit clients and the information provided is not a legal advice. Legal information is not the same as legal advice which is the application of law to an individual’s/businesses specific circumstances.

This service/support shall be made available to businesses or people which/who are in need and shall be provided from our limited and available capital and resources. Hence, Intygrat, at its sole discretion, shall determine to provide /to the extent to which the services can be provided in each such request.

In order to bring clarity, this service can be availed after entering into an formal confirmation from Intygrat & the person/businesses availing the same & they shall be subject to the details mentioned in the referred confirmation. The said services shall be in the form of advice/responses only to your queries, any expenses incurred for such responses only shall be borne by us. This service is pro bono consulting and not for any profit.